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Chocolate Brownie
CHOCOLATE BROWNIEDescription: Loaded with chocolate, this will probably be the best brownie you have ever tasted!Variations: Mini slab (18 x 20cm)Shelf life: 12 days airtight & refrigerated
Ginger Crunch
GINGER CRUNCH Description: An oaty base topped with ginger icing and pistachios.Variations: Mini slab (18 x 20cm)Shelf life: 6 days refrigerated
Caramel Slice
CARAMEL SLICE Description: Layer of biscuit base with a caramel middle and chocolate top.Variations: Mini slab (18 x 20cm)Shelf life: 6 days refrigerated
Carrot Cake
CARROT CAKE Description: Moist warmly spiced and flavorsome with a hint of walnut. Topped with cream cheese icing and chopped walnuts.Variations: Mini slab (18 x 20cm) Shelf life: 6 days refrigerated
Almond Tart
ALMOND TART Description: A 7.5cm single serve tart with a rich filling inside an attractive pastry case. Very popular with cafes. Available in packs of 6.Shelf life: 4 days airtight & refrigerated
Berry Friand
BERRY FRIAND Description: A delicious twist on the classic friand. White chocolate, boysenberry & coconut makes this gluten-free treat well worth indulging in!Shelf life: 3 days refrigerated
LEMONTINIDescription: The perfect tea cake with a delicate texture and a soft burst of lemon flavour. Available in packs of 6.Shelf life: 3 days refrigerated
Pear and Ginger Tart
PEAR & GINGER TARTDescription: Almond & ginger filled tart topped with a slice of pear & drizzled with white chocolate.Shelf life: 3 days refrigerated