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Specialty Bread

Brooklyn Grain
BROOKLYN GRAIN Description: Our signature loaf. A dense loaf packed with grains, and coated with pumpkin and sesame seeds.Variations: 1kg or 1.2kgShelf life: 4 days
Russian Rye
RUSSIAN RYE VIENNA Description: A 900gm vienna loaf. Dark, smooth, medium weight bread with treacle, caramel and rye meal.Shelf life: 4 days
BRIOCHEDescription: Rich buttery loaf. Or, you can buy the dough by the kg and add your own sweet fillings for a delicious addition to your counter top selection.Variations: Loaf or dough by the kgShelf life: 4 days
AMERICAN RYEDescription: A versatile, crispy and authentic multigrain loaf made from a sourdough starter and full of sunflower seeds, linseed, rye, soy, wheat bran and oat flakes. This loaf has a subtle yet distinctive caraway flavour. Variations: High top or 50gm mini square loaves or 150gm bap Shelf life: 3 days
TUSCANYDescription: High quality white bread with a high gluten content, this bread has a light crust on the outside and a smooth white texture on the inside.Variations: High top or 50gm mini square loavesShelf life: 3 days
FOCACCIADescription: Italian style flat bread with high oil component. Rosemary, fresh garlic and rock salt are sprinkled on top.Variations: Large round, catering (400X550mm), miniShelf life: 3 days
CHALLAHDescription: A sweet and light plaited loaf traditionally used by the Jewish community for Friday night candle lighting ceremony. Uses: Makes great French toast or good with eggs.Variations: Plain, sesame or poppyShelf life: 3 days