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Specialty Bread

Brooklyn Grain
BROOKLYN GRAIN Description: Our signature loaf. A dense loaf packed with grains, and coated with pumpkin and sesame seeds.Variations: 1kg or 1.2kg
Russian Rye
RUSSIAN RYE VIENNA Description: A 900gm vienna loaf. Dark, smooth, medium weight bread with treacle, caramel and rye meal.
BRIOCHEDescription: Rich buttery loaf. Or, you can buy the dough by the kg and add your own sweet fillings for a delicious addition to your counter top selection.Variations: Loaf or dough by the kg
AMERICAN RYEDescription: A versatile, crispy and authentic multigrain loaf made from a sourdough starter and full of sunflower seeds, linseed, rye, soy, wheat bran and oat flakes. This loaf has a subtle yet distinctive caraway flavour. Variations: High top or 50gm mini square loaves or 150gm bap
TUSCANYDescription: High quality white bread with a high gluten content, this bread has a light crust on the outside and a smooth white texture on the inside.Variations: High top or 50gm mini square loaves
FOCACCIADescription: Italian style flat bread with high oil component. Rosemary, fresh garlic and rock salt are sprinkled on top.Variations: Large round, catering (400X550mm), mini
CHALLAHDescription: A sweet and light plaited loaf traditionally used by the Jewish community for Friday night candle lighting ceremony. Uses: Makes great French toast or good with eggs.Variations: Plain, sesame or poppy
Gluten Free Loaf

Made with a combination of gluten free flours to achieve a soft, light texture. Its neutral flavour makes it very versatile, and it can be used fresh for sandwiches or toasted with toppings. (Please note that loaf does not come sliced)

This product is made in a bakery that uses products that contain gluten, such as flour. The corn and tapioca loaf and the boysenberry friands have not been tested in a laboratory. There is no wheat or gluten in the ingredients.