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Buns & Rolls

Dinner Rolls
DINNER ROLL Description: Dinner Roll (50 & 100gm): Plain, sesame, poppy, semolina, sea salt, sunflower seed, multigrain, par-baked  |  Koru Roll (30gm): Assorted mixture of plain white 30gm rolls with various toppings. Shelf life: 1 day
Mini Square Loaves
MINI SQUARE LOAVESDescription: Cute 50gm tuscany or multigrain loaves. Uses: Perfect for filling for functions or served with soup.Shelf life: 1 day
Mini Ciabatta
MINI CIABATTA Description: Crusty and chewy white bread, best eaten fresh. Has only 5 ingredients flour, salt, water, olive oil, yeast. Ciabatta means slipper in Italian because the loaf is made in the shape of a slipper.Uses: Makes a nice filled roll, good for dipping.Variations: 150gm, 120gm, 60gm or 100gm long roll.Shelf life: 1-2 days
Pide Pocket with Seeds
PIDE POCKET WITH SEEDS Description: 150gm square Middle Eastern flat bread with seeds - very soft with an open, holey texture.Uses: Great for filling as fresh sandwiches or toasting like a panini.Shelf life: 1-2 days
PIADINADescription: Small round Middle Eastern flat bread, very soft with an open, holey texture.Uses: Split like a pita pocket and stuff it.Shelf life: 1-2 days
Ovali Panini.
OVALI PANINIDescription: Flat oil-based bread designed to be filled and toasted in a panini machine.Shelf life: 2 days
FOLDED BAPSDescription: Flat pocket bread designed for filling. Makes great presentation.Variations: Plain, poppy, cheese, sesame, ryeShelf life: 1-2 days
FICELLEDescription: A 28cm delicate and dainty mini French stick.Variations: Full or par-bakedShelf life: 1-2 days
Turkish Bap
TURKISH BAP Description: 150gm soft Turkish flat bread topped with olive oil and oregano.Shelf life: 1-2 days
Hamburger Bun
HAMBURGER BUN Description: Traditional large 100gm white hamburger bun with sesame seeds on top.Shelf life: 1-2 days
English Muffins
ENGLISH MUFFINS Description: Traditional English muffin which can be split into two halves. Toasted with your favourite spread, or on the base of an eggs benedict.Uses: Toasted with your favourite spread, or on the base of an eggs benedict.Shelf life: 1-2 days
Skinny Roll
SKINNY ROLLDescription: This long white roll has a lovely soft, melt in your mouth texture.Uses: Perfect for filled rolls or subsVariations: Plain, Sesame, poppy, cheese or 80gm mini.Shelf life: 1-2 days
Focaccia Mini
FOCACCIA MINI Description: An alternative burger bun, or filled as a sandwich. See FocacciaShelf life: 1-2 days