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Artisan Bread

CIABATTADescription: Crusty and chewy white bread, best eaten fresh. Has only 5 ingredients flour, salt, water, olive oil and yeast. Ciabatta means slipper in Italian because the loaf is made in the shape of a slipper.Variations: 500gm loaf, 250gm loaf, 150gm, 120gm or 60gm mini or 100gm rollShelf life: 2 days
PIDEDescription: Middle Eastern flat bread with an open, holey texture.Uses: Great cut long ways and filled like a panini, as it toasts up nicely in the panini machineVariations: Loaf, pocket or piadinaShelf life: 2 days
SAN FRANCISCO SOURDOUGH Description: Our most popular loaf. A versatile sourdough with a slightly moist and characteristically chewy texture.Variations: Vienna, small vienna, sourdough stick, cob loaf or tin loaf.Shelf life: 3 days
Turkish Bread
TURKISHDescription: High quality white bread with a high gluten content, this bread has a light crust on the outside and a smooth white texture on the inside.Uses: Great heated, dipping, fill like a panini and great with antipasto. The Vienna is perfect for bacon & eggs or sandwiches Variations: 600gm flat bread long (pictured), Vienna, or 150gm bap Shelf life: 2 days