“Zaida” means grandad in Yiddish

Zaida’s traces it’s roots to the 1930’s when Polish migrant Charlie Chait (Zaida/grandad) opened Farm Poultry Supplies in Dixon St. Charlie got up at dawn to chop, slice and package the produce he sold at the store. He plucked chicken and ducks round the back in the evening, washed up in a bucket and slept above the counter in the attic. Slowly he and wife Anzie built up the business and years later the store was passed on to their son and daughter-in-law.

Charlie’s son Martin and wife Jane developed the business into the Dixon Street Delicatessen. Amongst all the exotic things from all over the world they were selling, they also began to bake bread. (and NZ’s first Bagel). Demand soon outgrew the kitchen at the Deli, so the bakery moved to Brooklyn and renamed Brooklyn Bread & Bagels. During this time the product range grew to well over 50 products inspired from artisan craft and recipes from all over the world.

In 2001 Son Ari moved the bakery into town, later renaming the bakery Zaida’s in honour of Charlie his Zaida.

Zaida’s continues to supply cafes, restaurants and caterers in Wellington and throughout New Zealand with a diverse range of specialty bread, baked and pastry products. We also supply a number of retail shops around Wellington.

We have a skilled team of bakers passionate about their craft. We are always looking for ways to improve upon existing products, and create new ones. We are a small bakery with an emphasis on quality. Being small, we try to cater to our customers individual needs.